ROSBOT is a non-confessional and multicultural initiative under Hashomer Hatzair
Germany (HHD), a non-profit organisation. It is a platform for international educators
and youth workers. It initiates projects that support critical education and
self-development and provides workshops, trainings and mentoring for individuals
and organisations. HHD is the branch of the international secular Jewish youth
movement in Germany that was re-established in recent years after being banned
during World War II.

In ROSBOT we promote a “Fearless Education for a Hopeful Future”. Democracy in
our societies is threatened, authoritarian tendencies and extremism are rapidly
spreading; with our approach, we actively work to challenge this development
through non-formal education. ROSBOT is a minority and immigrant-led NGO
working for a world free of violence, anti-Semitism and racism, sexism, homophobia
and all forms of discrimination. We collaborate with other educators at different
stages of their careers to address a variety of issues from different perspectives.