Chaverschaft – the Hashomer Hatzair Card Game


The re-established Jewish secular youth organisation Hashomer Hatzair Germany (HHD) had developed „Chaverschaft – Hashomer Hatzair Card Game“ in 2022, as part of a special intergenerational History Project held to discover new information about Hashomer Hatzair in Germany in the 1930s and celebrate its 10 th anniversary.

Hashomer Hatzair was active in Germany from 1931 to 1938 under strict regulations, until it was eventually banned. The cards feature 14 HHD members from the 1930s and explain their lives, experiences and relationship to Hashomer Hatzair.

The members were chosen according to contact we had with them or their descendants during the project year – from the only known living HHD member in Chile, to a member who passed away two months after the research delegation visited him in Israel in March 2022, to resistance fighters in Berlin. One set of cards is dedicated to „Romi“ – symbolising the members we won’t find information of in view of the tragic history.
We would like to introduce our youth association to partner organisations and educational institutions alike through this card game, and would also like to make the game accessible to children and young people as an interactive tool to learn history and political education.

Thanks to the great work of volunteers in collecting information and developing this game we can tell the story of our organisation and its members with the playing cards. We present the vibrant lives of the Jews in Germany in the 1930s and that, like the Chanichim*ot today, they went to Peulot, participated in camps and hikes and celebrated holidays together.

Hashomer Hatzair worldwide celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2023, and is one of the oldest active Jewish youth movements. We are proud to be part of this legacy and to contribute to its history. You can find inside the game package a Shomeric Dictionary, which explains terms and words used in Hashomer Hatzair.

The game is expected to be published in German in 2023. Contact us for more details.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank the @postcodelottery for funding the history project of Hashomer Hatzair over the last few months. #PostcodeEffect #PostcodeLottery

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Game proposal

Time: 20-30 mins, one round (can be played in various rounds)

The Object

Figuring out which member of Hashomer Hatzair in the 1930s was chosen.

What You’ll Need

4 to 6 players, a host with the cards catalogue. A standard deck of playing cards.

Setting Up the Game

Players sit in a circle facing each other. One player is the host. The host shuffles the cards and deals them face down to each player until all cards have been dealt. Each player can review the cards, but not discuss them with others.

Playing the Game

After the players reviewed their cards, one round of yes/no questions can be asked of the host. When the card(s) the players have don’t fit the answer of the host, the card will be placed on the table with the face down. After one round, the group can discuss and decide on one more yes/no question without revealing the cards they posses. Finally they need to make a guess which member was chosen by the host.

Winning the Game

The group wins the game collectively if managed to guess which member was chosen.

Have more suggestions for games? Write us to geschichtsprojekt (at) hashomer-hatzair (punkt) de !